February 13, 2017 St. Augustine and Jacksonville Veterinarian

Meet The Trio Tails!

We are Frankie, Stevie, and Honey. Our parents own and run Southeast Veterinary Hospital in St. Augustine, FL. We get to see what a great job our people do everyday. We also get to see the sick pets that we take care of at the hospital and we hear our people talking about how some of this stuff could have been prevented….if only their people knew. So, we thought why not let them know!!!

Frankie: I am a 2.5 year old German Shepherd Dog. My full name Is Francine – but all of my friends call me Frankie. I LOVE chasing my Frisbee and going on morning runs with my mom and dad – Britany and Chad Timberlake. They own Southeast Veterinary Hospital. I have 2 other small people at home that I help take care of – Charlotte and Nora. The more I can kiss them and get them to play with me the better my life!

I am an almost 9 year old Pug / Beagle mix (mostly pug). I am affectionately called “The Puggle” by my people. I am named after Stevie Knicks because I love to howl and make a “vroom, vroom” sound when I get really excited. I live with Frankie and the rest of my family. I love sleeping – anywhere, all the time. I love getting petted – all the time, by anything (like feet) or by anyone. Even if I am sleeping. That is really all that I do….

Honey: I am an 11-year-old mixed breed. My mom, Chelsea Gross is the Director of Hospital Relations at the SEVH. She likes to make people guess what type of mix I am, everyone says something different! I love snuggling, sleeping under the covers, and walking in the park every day. Getting muddy in the creek is the BEST, even if I have to get a bath afterwards. Mom takes me everywhere but my favorite places are the beach and grandma & grandpas house (treats!).


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