May 15, 2017 St. Augustine and Jacksonville Veterinarian


Those of you who have been following Franklin’s journey know that our little doxie has come a long way:

  • Losing the use of his back legs to intervertebral disc disease
  • Owner opted to surrender rather than pay for treatment
  • Scooped up by Dr. Timberlake from the ER to get the surgery, treatment, and rehabilitation he needed to survive thanks to our AVMF Charitable Fund
  • Learning to walk again and blossoming into the feisty, healthy little man we all know and love

But Franklin has been keeping an extra surprise secret for awhile now…and it’s time to let the cat out of the bag!

Early in Franklin’s recovery journey he received a visit at the hospital from our good friend and client Ms. Englmann. She had seen his first posts on the blog and wanted to come meet him for herself. And when she and her sons, Liam and Logan, approached little Franklin in his recovery pen–Franklin, remember, who was still scared, skinny, and just a mere week post-op—not only did he perk up, he gave the boys two great big kisses!

From that moment on, the family made weekly visits to check in on Franklin, eventually bringing her husband Michael McDermott and their sweet hound Marble to meet Franklin, too.

As time passed and Franklin regained some strength and confidence through physical therapy, snuggle time turned to playtime in SEVH’s Josephine Memorial Dog Park. And playtime turned into a sleepover at the Englmann/McDermott home. And the sleepover became a trial run with weekly physical therapy appointments. And weekly PT became Ms. Englmann going above and beyond to incorporate daily exercises and therapy at home.

And then Franklin was standing on his own.

And then Franklin walked.

And then they wanted to make it official: Franklin had found his forever home!

A more perfect happy ending simply isn’t possible for our incredible little man and his amazing new family. He has a mom, a dad, the sweetest big doggie sister, and two of the kindest, most gentle little boys in the world to call his very own. Franklin’s physical and emotional recovery is due in no small part to their unconditional dedication, generosity, and love. He still has a fair bit of road left before his journey is complete, but with the love of his forever family, the future is brighter than ever for our boy!

With love and thanks to our friends, the Englmann/McDermott family: Daniela, Michael, Logan, Liam, Marble…and Franklin!

Would you like to contribute to Franklin’s recovery, PT, and medical expenses? Donate to our AVMF Charitable Fund today!

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