Nonprofit rescues more than 30 dogs from one home, many up for adoption

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — When Fran Charlson, the founder of Ayla’s Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue, got a call from a woman in Winter Haven who wanted to relinquish more than 30 dogs, she knew her rescue nonprofit had to help.

“Decided we would put an SOS out for fosters and adoptees,” she said, “and decided yes, we will be able to take them.”

The woman isn’t facing charges, telling Charlson she was just overwhelmed.

“She did the right thing,” Charlson pointed out.

So foster dog parents stepped in, like Lindsey Collins who took in Marty.

“We knew that they needed help,” she said.

Then Linda Anderson, who took in Cupcake and Nona.

“These little guys need me,” she recalled thinking. Then, a realization: “I need them! I need them.’”

Volunteers helped bring all the animals for a checkup at the vet on Saturday, their first-ever.

“A lot of them, they’ve been in conditions that their skin wasn’t great, they had fleas, they had parasites. So you know, just addressing all of that,” said Dr. Brittany Timberlake at Southeast Veterinary Hospital.

One pregnant dog even gave birth to puppies the very next day.

And still, their lovable personalities shine through.

“They’re tired, they’re stressed out,” Linda said. “But her favorite thing to do is sit in my lap and cuddle.”

And there are many more who need a home.

About 20 dogs are now up for adoption. You can find out how to apply to adopt these dogs here:

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SEVH at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Thank you to Dr. Persky and the Jacksonville Zoo for inviting us to the zoo’s River Branch Foundation Animal Medical Center yesterday! It was a little bit of work and a whole lot of fun: Dr. Timberlake spent the first part of the day working side by side with Dr. Persky and her talented team of vet techs in surgery, then afterwards we were treated to a private tour of the zoo’s beautiful new African Forest exhibit. We are proud to support the Jacksonville Zoo’s team’s mission to provide the healthiest, happiest lives to its resident animals—and look forward to future collaborations!


Our very own Dr. Chad Timberlake at Southeast Veterinary Hospital was happy to help in providing Lucie the Dalmation a second chance at life. Check out this story in The RESOLUTE Issue of Issu’s online magazine to learn more about Lucie, and why immediate action from her primary care vet made all the difference.

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How To Series: Dental Cleaning with Honey

Pet dental health starts at home! Just like in humans, the easiest way to improve and maintain healthy teeth and gums for your kitty or pup is daily brushing. If the idea of brushing your pets’ teeth is a little intimidating, no worries! Check out this video from Dr. Timberlake for a demonstration. With the right tools and technique (spoiler: it’s easier than you think!), at-home dental care for your pet can be a quick—and tasty!–addition to your daily routine.

(Thank you to our friends at HH Films for the video!)

How To Series: Ear Cleaning with Stevie

Did you know that you can help prevent your pets from developing ear infections at home? Clean ears are ears that bacteria and yeast have trouble growing in, and with a few simple steps you can stop an infection before it starts! Check out this video for a step-by-step how to from Dr. Timberlake and Stevie.

Annual Fall Festival Fundraiser – HorsePlay Therapy Center

Come help support therapy for special needs children!


Saturday, November 4th, 2017


Southeast Veterinary Hospital
1885 SR 207, St. Augustine, FL 32086


$10 for a family of 4 (includes 1 pony ride!)

  • Petting Zoo
  • Bounce Houses
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Face Painting
  • Vendors
  • Raffle
  • & More!

Additional pony rides: $2

Food available for purchase!

Contact the hospital @ 904-823-1270 ASAP for details!

H3N2 (Canine Flu): What Pet Owners Need To Know

The University of Florida has confirmed over one dozen cases of canine influenza virus A (H3N2 CIV) in North Florida since the end of May 2017.

As a result of this, we will be offering A COMPLIMENTARY OFFICE VISIT for patients wanting to update their vaccine status to include our bivalent canine flu vaccine (covering both the H3N2 and H3N8 canine flu viruses) through June 16, 2017.

Read more below, or click to download the full PDF.


Those of you who have been following Franklin’s journey know that our little doxie has come a long way:

  • Losing the use of his back legs to intervertebral disc disease
  • Owner opted to surrender rather than pay for treatment
  • Scooped up by Dr. Timberlake from the ER to get the surgery, treatment, and rehabilitation he needed to survive thanks to our AVMF Charitable Fund
  • Learning to walk again and blossoming into the feisty, healthy little man we all know and love

But Franklin has been keeping an extra surprise secret for awhile now…and it’s time to let the cat out of the bag!

Early in Franklin’s recovery journey he received a visit at the hospital from our good friend and client Ms. Englmann. She had seen his first posts on the blog and wanted to come meet him for herself. And when she and her sons, Liam and Logan, approached little Franklin in his recovery pen–Franklin, remember, who was still scared, skinny, and just a mere week post-op—not only did he perk up, he gave the boys two great big kisses!

From that moment on, the family made weekly visits to check in on Franklin, eventually bringing her husband Michael McDermott and their sweet hound Marble to meet Franklin, too.

As time passed and Franklin regained some strength and confidence through physical therapy, snuggle time turned to playtime in SEVH’s Josephine Memorial Dog Park. And playtime turned into a sleepover at the Englmann/McDermott home. And the sleepover became a trial run with weekly physical therapy appointments. And weekly PT became Ms. Englmann going above and beyond to incorporate daily exercises and therapy at home.

And then Franklin was standing on his own.

And then Franklin walked.

And then they wanted to make it official: Franklin had found his forever home!

A more perfect happy ending simply isn’t possible for our incredible little man and his amazing new family. He has a mom, a dad, the sweetest big doggie sister, and two of the kindest, most gentle little boys in the world to call his very own. Franklin’s physical and emotional recovery is due in no small part to their unconditional dedication, generosity, and love. He still has a fair bit of road left before his journey is complete, but with the love of his forever family, the future is brighter than ever for our boy!

With love and thanks to our friends, the Englmann/McDermott family: Daniela, Michael, Logan, Liam, Marble…and Franklin!

Would you like to contribute to Franklin’s recovery, PT, and medical expenses? Donate to our AVMF Charitable Fund today!

Who’s got four legs and is using every single one of them?


YOUR DONATIONS have helped make this possible! Would you like to be a part of Franklin’s continued recovery? Donate to our Veterinary Care Charitable Fund today!

One small step for doxie kind; one giant leap for Franklin!

Franklin’s first week of regular physical therapy appointments is complete, and he’s already making big progress! The first appointment was all about adjustment: the range of motion therapy he was used to, but being lowered into a big tub of water that forced him to stand? Kind of weird!

By the end of the week, though, not only did Franklin get the hang of it– he took his very first independent steps!

One small step for doxie kind; one giant leap for our strong little man!

Would you like to be a part of Franklin’s recovery? Donate to our Veterinary Care Charitable Fund today!


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